What Is The Distinction Between Magma And Lava?

Are you in search of the distinction between magma and lava? Then that is the correct place the place you’ll get all of your doubts cleared. I’m going to inform what issues make lava and magma completely different from one another. You may be shocked that you simply by no means got here to learn about these variations earlier than. I’ll clarify the issues comparable to which means, construction, and many others about them. So allow us to begin studying concerning the distinction between magma and lava.

What Is The Distinction Between Magma And Lava?

There’s a main distinction between magma and lava which is their prevalence within the volcanic website. You’ll assume that each are scorching and molten mass that’s present in volcanoes. There are similarities of magma and lava of their appearances, nevertheless, there are lots of variations in them. 

I’m going to elucidate all of the factors associated to magma and lava variations intimately. However first, allow us to perceive the which means of magma and lava.

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What Is Magma?

Magma is the molten mass that’s discovered under the floor of the earth. It’s trapped and situated contained in the magma chamber in a semi-molten state. It is a very popular substance showing in a viscous state discovered under the volcanoes. There are various kinds of magma known as Basaltic, Rhyolitic and Andesitic. It’s shaped up of a mix of small gases and minerals. The phrase magma was originated from Historic Greek.

What Is Lava?

Lava is the recent liquid that flows out of the volcanoes when erupted. The fluid is nothing however the magma which is scorching and will get solidified after cooling down therefore generally additionally known as liquid magma. It’s differentiated as per the circulate and they’re known as Pahoehoe circulate, Blocky lava circulate, Aa circulate, and Pillow lava circulate. The lava comprises completely different components comparable to crystals, liquids, bubbles, and a few chemical components. The lava phrase was of Italian origin.

We learn the distinction between magma and lava which means now allow us to learn extra concerning the variations primarily based on a number of parameters one after the other.

Distinction Between Lava And Magma

Right here I’ve described the parameters that can assist us to the distinction between lava and magma extra simply.

The prevalence can be simpler to know within the Venn diagram distinction between magma and lava in tabular type comparability.


Magma happens beneath the floor of the earth. It’s trapped and generated contained in the mantle of the earth which is the thick layer situated between the earth’s crust and outer core surfaces.


Lava happens on the time of the volcanic eruption when magma is burst out. The lava is spilling out of the volcanic crater, its sides, surfaces

Now allow us to learn concerning the various kinds of the formation of lava vs magma in short.

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The kinds additionally make one vital distinction between magma and lava and volcanic eruption lots.


There are three forms of magma specifically Basaltic, Andesitic and Rhyolitic. The Basaltic magma is shaped within the decrease crust and higher mantle containing iron and magnesium depleted in silica. Andesitic magma is shaped within the continental crust area which crystallizes simply after the eruption. Rhyolitic magma is created on the oceanic crust which varieties porous solidified rocks with ash known as pumice.


4 forms of lava are shaped after eruptions comparable to Pahoehoe circulate, Blocky lava circulate, Aa lava circulate, and Pillow lava circulate. The Pahoehoe circulate varieties easy rocky surfaces with wave-like patterns. A tough block-like floor is shaped as a result of Blocky lava circulate. The Clinkers are shaped with the Aa lava circulate. Volcanic rocks that you could be see across the volcanoes are shaped due to the pillow lava circulate.

The contents make a distinction between magma and lava in geography by chemical composition.


Magma is containing completely different chemical constituents comparable to silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, phosphorus, manganese, and water.


The composition of the lava is having contents like minerals, silicates, olivine, pyroxenes, amphiboles, micas, quartz, feldspars, and a few gases.

The temperature distinction between magma and lava and volcano is completely different. Allow us to see which is hotter magma or lava and their temperature variations.


The temperature of the magma ranges between 700℃ to 1600℃.


The lava has a temperature starting from 700℃ to 1200℃.

Allow us to see the cooling course of between magma vs lava within the following.


The magma requires extra time for getting cool. It’s trapped under the floor of the earth therefore cools down slowly. Typically enormous crystals are shaped whereas magma is cooling.


As lava is erupted out from the volcanoes it cools down shortly as in comparison with magma. The cooling means of lava varieties a glass after crystallizing.


How Is Magma Totally different From Lava?

The magma is completely different from the lava as it’s situated and trapped under the floor of the earth. It’s differentiated as magma till it’s in molten shaped into the magma chamber, when it’s erupted out of the volcano it’s known as lava.

Why Are Magma And Lava Totally different Phrases?

Magma and lava are completely different phrases as a result of each phrases are originated from completely different nations. The phrase magma is derived from Historic Greek whereas the phrase lava is originated from Italian origin.

How Lengthy Does It Take Lava To Flip Into Rock?

Solidification of flows ranging 20–30 m (65–100 ft) thick may take about 2.5–6 years. The thickest LERZ flows on land, that are roughly 55 m (180 ft) thick, could take roughly 20 years to succeed in a very strong state.

Which Cools Quicker Lava Or Magma?

When magma cools underground, it cools very slowly and when lava cools above floor, it cools shortly. When magma and lava cool, mineral crystals begin to type within the molten rock.


On this article, we mentioned the distinction between magma and lava intimately. Right here I instructed about vital factors associated to the which means, composition, prevalence, and many others. You got here to know the distinction within the cooling means of lava vs magma. I defined the kinds between magma in addition to lava. Total we learn the parameters that have been useful so that you can simply distinguish each of them. Now you’ll be not having any doubts concerning the distinction between magma and lava.